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Terms of Use

By contracting a service and/or package, you are aware of and agree with our terms.

Code of Conduct

1. You agree that the email entered in this form belongs to you, and it’s link with your Fitsse account. 2. You are solely responsible for protecting your account and/or password or any other account information. 3. The use of names and information provides during the training process is entirely the responsibility of the user. 4. Do not hire Fitsse’s services if you do not agree to the Terms of Use described. If you submit this form, it means that you agree to these Terms of Use.


The user agrees and authorizes the use of their personal data, such as access to cookies, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and also with our New York Privacy Act.

Responsibilities of both parties

The user expressly agrees that Fitsse will not be responsible for any of the following: 1. Data loss, if it occurs, is the total responsibility of the user. 2. The use of Workout / Exercise / Training and/or Nutrition is entirely the responsibility of the user. 3. Any relationship or transaction carried out by third parties. Fitsse agrees to be responsible for the following: 1. Delivery of the service according to the agreed-upon date. 2. Fitsse will provide the services purchased through our website, whether it is a package with multiple services or a single service, according to their availability, which should be consulted before hiring. 3. Fitsse is responsible for hosting and making the contracted service available.


Service payments are made directly through the specific page on our website and/or application, using the payment method chosen by the client. Payments are recurring; if the client chooses to pay by credit card, the value according to the chosen service will be automatically credited to the registered card every month. If payment is made by bank transfer, an invoice will be sent to the registered email every month according to the contracted service.


Fitsse will recommended exercise for our users. If you feel weakness, pain in general, shortness of breath, redness, or tiredness, you need to take a break from exercising and see a doctor. We DO NOT responsible if there is any problem in the training process. We only use exercises based on few informations, but we recommend using doctors to analyze your health profile.


Fitsse will list recommendations recipe for our users. If you have any dietary restrictions such as allergies or any indication against the use of an ingredient, you must immediately discontinue using Nutrition on our website and/or mobile app Fitsse. Note that we will list nutritional recipes based on the little information from our users. We DO NOT responsible for allergic reactions or misuse of provided recipes.